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Lost bag, probably misplaced on the S78 or the S52 bus, but the SI Ferry is also an option

My sister and my two nieces misplaced a canvas bag (brown with polka dots, I believe) with 4 picture books in it and two magazines. The magazines are Click and probably Spider. The picture books, I'm not sure exactly which ones they are, but they each have in the upper right hand corner of the covers a sharpie'd letter on it which correlates to the Guided Reading Level - D, J, something like that.

I'll check in with the various lost and founds later, but any help now would be appreciated.
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Tell me about SI please!


My best friend and her family might be moving there (she's from SC [as in South Carolina, not Southern California...]), and while she's busy doing other moving-prep stuff, I thought I'd get some advice from you-

Can you cool SI people tell me about this place?

What are some good things about it?
What are the bad things?
How are the schools?
How are the neighborhoods (like the interactions of neighbors....)?
What is the best neighborhood?

Any insight you can give is greatly appreciated.

Merci, xiexie, thank you, gracias, kamsamnida, sbassibo, grazie, arrigato, etc